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Hi John,
You are right about the READONLY attribute.  However, the bad news is that other TAGS (namely, the SELECT tag) do not have that attribute.
So, that brings an inconsistent look (not good) to the form.
On the matter about using Foxweb, I like foxweb but am not convinced that there is going to be a continuing product down the road.  There has not been an update in almost a year and I do not see any specific hype aimed at the next version.  Also, I do not see any response to your question about that.   I hope I am wrong, but I think these are signs of a dying product.
Sent by john hays on 12/10/2002 08:41:38 PM:
Don, you could try using the readonly attribute instead. I'm pretty sure that It doesn't use the backcolor to show control state like the disabled attribute does.

<input name="textfield" type="text" readonly="true">

ps. I read your post from Dec. 1 and was curious if you decided to go with Foxweb.  I too have been playing around with Foxweb, but not totally convinced just yet -- it really seems to be a great tool though, and definitely not nearly as complicated as some other VFP web tools I have tried in the recent past.

Hope the simple idea above helps.

Sent by Don Dascher on 12/10/2002 07:56:01 AM:
I am using <INPUT type="Text"> tags to display/edit data.  This is all handled with a single FWX file.  I am using the DISABLED attribute of the INPUT tag to control the editability of the field.  However, when the field is disabled the color is a very light gray color and not real easy to read.

I have searched high and low but am unable to find any means of changing that DISABLED color for an INPUT tag's value.  Anyone know of such an animal ?