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Regarding the timeout error you are getting, it means that for some reason your script took longer than the Script Timeout setting to complete execution.  The Script Timeout value can be controlled in the Configuration screen of the FoxWeb Control Center.
There are two reasons why this could be happening:
1. Your script has to do a lot of work, and simply needs more time to complete.
Solution: Increase the Script Timeout value in the FoxWeb configuration, or if the problem happens with only a couple of scripts, use the Server.AddScriptTimeout or Server.SetScriptTimeout methods to increase the timeout for just these scripts.
2. Your script contains bad code, as described in the Illegal Commands chapter of the FoxWeb documentation, causing the FoxWeb channel to pop up a dialog and ask for user input.
Solution: Fix your script so that it does not cause the FoxWeb channel to hang.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Sean Ryan on 12/10/2002 11:02:44 AM:
There was an error during the execution of the Back_End CGI program.  The error is:
User program timed out.
Sorry for the novice qwes,  but this worked yesterday. Is there a search utility on this site?  Thanks in advance for any assistance.