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Hi Don,
There are a number of ways for getting your pages formatted the way you want them.
The easiest way (I think) is with a 3 step approach:
#1. Use a HTML editor (I use Front Page 2002) to create the page with input fields the way you would like it to look. FP 2002 has the ability to set tab indices so that you can tab any way you want.
#2. Think in blocks, i.e.
   Block #1 = code before input or display fields
   Block #2 = code for input or display fields
   Block #3 = code after input or display fields
   Block #4 = Block #1 + Block #2 + Block #3
Now Block #1 and Block #3 rarely change. Only Block #2 is affected by data.
Create a data table with 2 memo fields for block_1 and block_2 and copy the HTML text into these fields.
#3. Now create a function that arranges and manipulates the input or display field data to create Block #2. I put this function in a procedure file so it can be called from any page.
Combine all 3 block fields into Block #4 and copy memo Block #4 to the *.HTM or *.FWX file you desire.
This is a very powerful method of creating 'cookie-cutter' web pages on the fly geared to the data inputed from the previous page. You can create a table library with a bunch of page 'blocks' that you can use over and over again.
I don't know if anyone else uses this method but I developed it in 1996 and have been using it and variations of it ever since.
Sent by Don Dascher on 12/09/2002 07:46:18 AM:
I am a beginner to this foxweb development process.  My interest is in building Web Applications.  I am investigating the use of a single FWX file to process the form fields and subsequently return the HTML code for the next page sent back to the user all in a single FWX file. 
It seems to have a lot of promise.  However, my question is about the control of the position of the data entry fields with the HTML code.  As it is now, I am just putting these INPUT statements into the HTML and they just show up on the form in the order you put them in and I have to real control over where they go (precisely).  I can use the <p> or <br)  to push them down to next line or <CENTER> to put them in the middle but other than that not much control.   Is there a standard method for dealing with this or is there no way to do that ?