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Okay, stupid me.  I copied the VFP 5 DLL's across on this PC and not the version 6 ones that the scripts was compiled in!
Thanks for your help.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 12/05/2002 06:31:55 PM:
Error 1195 is actually a VFP error: "Object file "file" was compiled in a previous version of FoxPro."  Did you just upgrade to a newer version of VFP, or compile your scripts in a computer that has a different version of VFP than your server?
The first thing to do would be to delete your existing FXP files.  If you have a full version of VFP installed on your server, it will automatically recompile your scripts.  If you are using the run-time DLL, then compile your scripts on a computer that has the same version of VFP as your server.

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Sent by Richard Mallett on 12/05/2002 03:21:14 AM:
I've had a Windows 98 setup working fine with Apache 2 and Foxweb, but have now moved to Windows XP (Home) with problems.
Apache 2 is running in console mode, and correctly starts up foxweb.exe in the cgi-bin directory, but whenever I try to run my script the following error occurs:
      Error trying to call script: 1195
Foxweb is definitely finding my script, as I get a different error message if I alter the name of the script slightly (to force an error), but for some reason it just won't run it.
This same script works fine in my Win98 setup.
What does the error message mean? 
(Is there a list of error messages somewhere?)