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Although you did not provide a copy of sadface.htm, I assume that it contains an <IMG> tag that points to sadface.gif.
Such problems are usually caused by one or both of the following factors:
  1. The location where you have saved your images is incorrect.
    Make sure to include all static files in the Web Tree -- not the FoxWeb Program Tree.
  2. The path you are using in the SRC clause of the IMG tag is incorrect.  You must use absolute URLs to point to files in your Web tree.  Absolute URLs start with a slash character (/).
Please refer to the Locating and Addressing Scripts topic of the FoxWeb documentation for detailed instructions on how to include links to static files in HTML output generated by your scripts.

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Sent by TB on 12/05/2002 11:40:39 AM:
I wanted to test this output by adding a sadface.gif when there is no record match, hence
 html_out = html_out + '<H1>Sorry, search came up blank    ....    try again</H1>'
 html_out = html_out +MergeTxt(ReadFile('sadface.HTM'))
But the sadface does not appear although there is no error.