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FoxWeb scripts are native VFP programs, so there is nothing specific to FoxWeb that could be causing this behavior.  You should check your queries, make sure that your index tags are up to date and that your loops are not skipping the first or last record.
I suggest that you test your data access code in an interactive VFP session first, so that you can debug it more easily.  Once you are done, you can plug it back in your FoxWeb script.

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Sent by jpreza1 on 12/05/2002 08:15:01 AM:
We currently run foxweb 1.29.  And access fox pro tables at night to copy information to our NT 4.0, IIS4.0, web server.
In our site, there is a search form from which doctors and facilities can be searched.  They all show, exept for one.  I am new to this environment, therefore, I will very much appreciate any input!
Thanks all!