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The FoxWeb setup program asks for the location of your CGI directory and installs foxweb.exe and foxweb.dll in that location.  If you choose to use a URL that does not utilize script mapping, then you must refer to foxweb.exe or foxweb.dll by using the correct path to your CGI directory.  The readme file suggests "scripts", because this virtual directory is created by default in all IIS and PW installations, but you should adjust the URL for your particular situation.
Regarding script mapping, it seems that you managed to get the system working with a few adjustments.  The correct process for configuting IIS can be found in the Configuring your Web Server chapter of the FoxWeb documentation.

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Sent by Don Dascher on 12/05/2002 05:31:07 PM:
I just downloaded the demo version of Foxweb and installed.
and it didn't work.
I knew it would not because I know that LOCALHOST is referring to c:\inetpub\wwwroot and there is not scripts subdirectory off of that location.
So next, I tried http://localhost/show_cgi.fwx and it didn't work.
I was less sure about that one because I saw the FWX script mapping assigned to c:\inetpub\scripts\foxweb.dll in the IIS setup for the WEBSITES on my computer.
So next, I mapped FWX to c:\inetpub\scripts\foxweb.dll in my DEFAULT WEBSITE which is c:\inetpub\wwwroot.
If you understood all of this ... I am wondering if this is normal or did I make a mistake someplace in the intial install of Foxweb.