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I just downloaded the demo version of Foxweb and installed.
and it didn't work.
I knew it would not because I know that LOCALHOST is referring to c:\inetpub\wwwroot and there is not scripts subdirectory off of that location.
So next, I tried http://localhost/show_cgi.fwx and it didn't work.
I was less sure about that one because I saw the FWX script mapping assigned to c:\inetpub\scripts\foxweb.dll in the IIS setup for the WEBSITES on my computer.
So next, I mapped FWX to c:\inetpub\scripts\foxweb.dll in my DEFAULT WEBSITE which is c:\inetpub\wwwroot.
If you understood all of this ... I am wondering if this is normal or did I make a mistake someplace in the intial install of Foxweb.