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I know you've been asking for suggestions for the new release of FoxWeb.


Just a thought . . . would it be possible to create a grid-type object, possible as one of the reference objects? Such a component would really add to the power of FoxWeb.


Bear with me here . . . I've been planning to experiment by enclosing a number of text boxes and dropdown boxes within a table within a form. The Tab Order of the form would be controlled by resetting the indices of each form control, such as by utilizing code like:


<INPUT NAME="NAMEL_R1" MAXLENGTH="8" SIZE="16" tabindex="<%=getNextControl(row, col, LASTKEY())%>"></td>


where 'row' and 'col' are hard-coded integers.


Hopefully, the FP function ‘getNextControl()’would then determine the value of LASTKEY()  and reposition the cursor into the active control in a similar fashion that the Up/Down/Home/End and other keys currently do in spreadsheet programs.


Also,  getNextControl() could also perform validation of the field by identification of the column.


Of course when the ‘submit’ is finally performed, the contents of the grid would need to be processed with something like the FoxWeb ‘request’ object.


Does anything like this exist and if not, would it be possible to create something like this for the next version?