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  1. FoxWeb utilizes the native VFP engine, so it has all the features of VFP, including the ability to use stored procedures and views.
  2. FoxWeb will work with VFP 5, 6 and 7.  You do not need to re-install VFP 6.
  3. Based on your description, FoxWeb is a perfect solution for your needs.  You can utilize the software to easily create a web-based application to allow remote access to your data.  Our web site has links to a couple of sample applications written in FoxWeb, such as ContactMine (as well as this Forum).

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by TucsonRunner on 12/01/2002 11:18:50 PM:
I'm glad I found your product.  I've built a pretty substantial application in VFP 6.0 and now management wants it to be accessed across our domain in several  different locations.  I thought that maybe FoxWeb could allow me to build an access point into the application via intranet for those on the domain but in different geographic location to allow some basic searches and data modification to the database while leaving the real application running as well. I just need to allow a few users to get at the data I have on the server.  I have a few basic questions:

1.  Can FoxWeb use VFP stored procedures/views in the database?

2.  I have VFP 7.0 installed now -- will foxweb work with 7.0 or do I need to reinstall 6.0?

3.  Is using FoxWeb in this situation a workable solution?

Thanks very much.

John Hays
Rural/Metro Corp.