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I am reposting this question because i am not sure why i would need more than one virtual server licence to achive this.
I am only running one virtual host, and only have single virtual host licence.
But i have lots of domain names registered against my primary domain.
all these domains are alias's to (they all have the same ip, one site). But only the one that is entered in the server name box under the virtual server page is working.
I have read your licencing page and i can not find a mention a single host licence that supports multiple server names, or even a mention of a multiple server name licence, only discounts on purchasing multiple host licences.
To my understanding of what you call virtual hosts, dont i only need the one licence.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 11/30/2002 01:37:16 PM:
You may enter multiple host names in the Virtual Servers page of the FoxWeb Control Center (as long as you have a multi-host license), each pointing to the same program root.

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Sent by James Williams on 11/28/2002 05:45:50 AM:
I am tring to setup a web application wich is going to have several domain names all pointing to the primary domain. But the web app only runs if the domain name matches the one entered under the foxweb control centre or you type in the IP number into the browser.
Can you specify more than one domain name per app.