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You can rest assured that FoxWeb is alive and well.  We are currently working on the next version, but we are still open to suggestions about new features.  If you have something that you would like to see included in the product, please let us know.

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Sent by Don Dascher on 12/01/2002 02:15:30 PM:
The company at which I work purchased a copy of Foxweb 2-3 years ago and I did some programming with it.   The company has since gone with a commercial website so I haven't been using Foxweb for some time now.
I just recently decided that I may wish to prepare myself for hiring out to build a website and I thought I might take a look at the latest Foxweb to see where it is at. 
I noticed it has not had a new version in almost a year.  I am just wondering if this product is continuing to evolve/improve or has it pretty much stopped at version (whatever).
When I used it last it seemed like it was heading in the right direction and was fairly simple to use.  I would be disappointed to see it die. 
I know it has stiff competition with WestWind, but I have looked at that product and while I am sure it is an excellent product, it can be a little complicated at times for one not spending every waking hour with it.