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I am not sure why you have not received email notification when messages were posted to this thread.  Does it appear with the spactacles icon next to it in the message list?
According to our logs, you should have received two email notifications so far -- one on the 28th and one today.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Alan Harris-Reid on 11/28/2002 01:16:53 AM:

Foxweb support, thanks for the reply...

>>If the URL is to be embedded in the output of the script, then you only need to use a relative URL...<<

In this case the URL is self-referencing, so that the page calls itself when posted.  I don't like to hard-code MyPage.fwx into the form action clause, in case I change the name of the page.  To make the code as generic as possible I would like to use Request.ServerVariables('script_name') instead, but it doesn't seem to be returning the value I want with Apache.  Looks like I may have to use path_info instead.

BTW, when I created this message I checked "Email notification", but your reply did not arrive by email.  Is this feature working correctly?