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So it is just like overwrite the default FOXPRO ERROR handler.  Thank you.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 11/19/2002 09:44:12 PM:
You can temporarily override the FoxWeb default error handler, by using your own ON ERROR statement.  Before doing so, you should store the default handler to a variable, so that you can restore it after you are done.  Here's some sample code:
DefaultHandler = ON("ERROR")
ON ERROR YourOwnHandler
ON ERROR &DefaultHandler


FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Shawn on 11/19/2002 02:49:52 PM:
Within my .fwx, I use ServerXMLHttp to verify a existing of an external URL and I use ServerXMLHttp.setTimeouts to set the timeout.  As soon as the URL is not existed and and timeout is happened, FOXWEB picks up the error trap and return a error message on browser according to the settings of error Template.
However, my desire is to let my .fwx to do other things when a error(timeout) is happened.  For other of my .fwx, I still want to use the FOXWEB error trap(since it is more completed).  Is there a way to do that so that FOXWEB error trap can return back to the .fwx which the error is happened so that I can have a dynamic output instead of FoxWEB error message showing on browser?
ANy suggestions will be welcome.
(I try to use ServerXMLHttp.Status to trap error, but it is not working.  Since FOXWEB has already trap the error, the program does not return to my original .fwx and instead it shows the FOXWEB error page.)