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If you are running FoxWeb as a service, then the problem is probably related to the user that the FoxWeb service is running as.  By default the service is configured to run as the SYSTEM account, which does not have access to remote servers.  In order to access files on a different server, you must configure the service to run as an account that has access to that resource.  For details please refer to the Operating the FoxWeb Server page in the FoxWeb documentation.

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Sent by Erick on 11/11/2002 08:31:51 AM:
Hello all,
I have looked through the posts, and did not find anything related to what I am experiencing.
I am trying to run a query on a remote database through foxweb, and with the same code access a local file, everything works fine.
Through Fox Pro, it also works when trying to access a remote DB. the remote DB I am trying to access is something like \\\path\to\DB.
So again, the same code in FoxPro works fine, as soon as it goes through foxweb, I get an access denied type of error.
Has anyone experienced something similar to this? is this an IIS thing not allowing a remote call? any help is appreciated.