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FoxWeb will create a new SessionID when it does not receive a session cookie from the browser.  Obviously the first time you make a FoxWeb request from a browser there will be no SessionID, so FoxWeb sends a cookie.  On subsequent requests the browser sends this cookie back to the browser, so FoxWeb reuses it.
If you are seeing the SessionID change from request to request then the problem may be related to cookie support being turned off on your browser.

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Sent by Eloy Marroquín on 10/30/2002 11:51:49 AM:
I try to create users Session but, FoxWeb creates a SessionID on first hit and then in the second procedure it changes the SessionID and I loose Session variables.
1.- Default.htm redirect to /scripts/foxweb.exe/acceso@e:/soi/mhp/adm
procedure access
       Session.SetVar("xusr", 'xxx' )
       Session.SetVar("xpas", 'xxx' )
       xusr = Session.GetVar("xusr")
       xpas = Session.GetVar("xpas")
       strtofile(Session.getsessionID() + CRLF + xusr + CRLF + xpas, 'control.txt')
       html_out = CT + (MergeTxt(ReadFile('adm/access.htm')))
previous procedure generates the following file
control.txt contain :
3.- then request user for username and password and action form send to checkusr procedure
procedure checkusr
       xusr = ff('username', '')
       xpas = ff('password', '')
       Session.SetVar("xusr", xusr )
       Session.SetVar("xpas", xusr )
       html_out = CT + (MergeTxt(ReadFile('adm/blank.htm')))
previous procedure generates the following file and FoxWeb changes the SessionID without closing the current window
control.txt contain


Why does it change the SessionID
is it my programming?
is it FoxWeb itself?
if it is FoxWeb... how can i Fix it with programming , or what processes i need to run in the session so the programm keeps one SessionID could be the first that generates or the second but i need Only One SessionID for my check procedure
I´m running FoxWeb on Windows 2000 server and this is my configuration
Session TimeOut : 20 min.
Hide Windows : disabled
Close tables : checked
Use run-time DLL : unchecked
Log script errors : checked
1.x compatibility : checked
Restart Channels : checked
Run as a Service :  checked
Buffer Output : checked
Session Support : checked
Full paths in URLs : checked
Keep PRG Files : checked
If i have a configuration problem please let me know.
Thanks you