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We have not encountered any problems with FoxWeb and Windows XP.  Can you please be a little more specific about the nature of the problem?  What are the exact symptoms you are experiencing?  Are you getting any error messages?  Does FoxWeb start properly and does the status window indicate that there are channels waiting?  Are there any errors in fwstart.log?

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Sent by Danilo Agostini on 10/18/2002 12:48:02 AM:
I want to ask you a question. FoxWeb run in my server with OS Windows 2000 (Server) but my scrip aren't executed in my pc with Windows XP.
The installation of FoxWed have not do any problem, but, my script aren't excecuted.
There is same new version of FoxWeb for Windows XP.
Tank you and excuse me for my bad english.
                                                                         Danilo Agostini