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Sent by GINGER COWLES on 10/18/2002 11:35:48 AM:
Is there a program or utility out there that I can download that can change all Upper Case text strings into mixed case.  We are getting rid of an old legacy system where data was stored in upper case.  We want it in mixed case for readability.  Can anyone help me? 
Hi Ginger,

The data you are referring to . . . what kind if data is it? What I mean is

- if it were correspondence like in a memo field or a disk file itself, creating a filtering program in FoxPro would do the job. It would first convert the text to lower case (like text = LOWER(text)) and then check for sentance ending characters like '.', '?', '!' and replace the next character after a blank space like space + character = space + UPPER(character). Of course the first character would always be made upper case. Functions like SUBSTR(), RIGHT() and LEFT() would be needed ... or if you rather use the primitive functions like FGET(), FPUT() and FSEEK(), it would be a little more complicated but you can address the disk files directly.

- if it were individual fields themselves with different data types, those fields would have to be addressed with the proper functions.
If you need help creating such a program, contact me directly.