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What exactly are you trying to do?  If you simply want to change the error page that gets sent to the browser, then you can specify a different Error Template in the Configuration page of the FoxWeb Control Center.
If on the other hand you want a totally different error handler, you will need to use the ON ERROR command.  Please note that we don't recommend this technique.  We have put a lot of work into making the default FoxWeb Error Handler as robust as possible.  Replacing the error handler may affect the stability of the system and will eliminate the FoxWeb error log.
One possibility is to specify your own error handler at the beginning of every call and then have a call to FoxWeb's default error handler at the end of your own handler if you simply want to end the request and log the error.  Another possibility is to only override the default handler for a small portion of the code:
... Some code
OldErr = ON("ERROR")
M.Locked = .F.
ON ERROR M.Locked = .T.
USE customer
IF M.Locked
* Table was locked
... Code to deal with the problem
... More code

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Sent by Erick on 10/17/2002 02:44:54 PM:
How can implement my own error handling program in my Application.
i.e ON ERROR DO ErrorHandling WITH ERROR()