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How Do I Automatically Close A Window That's No Longer Needed?

I'm using a combination of Javascript and FoxWeb with the following methodology.

Step 1 - a button is clicked on 'PAGE_1.FWX' (html type)

Step 2 - a link is performed to 'PAGE_2.FWX' (html type)

Step 3 - FoxWeb script in 'PAGE_2.FWX' calls a function from a 'Procedure Library' program called 'PROCS.FXP' (prg type). This procedure dynamically

   a. creates 'PAGE_3.FWX' which is populated
      with data from 'RECORDS.DBF'

   b. linls to 'PAGE_3.FWX'


All this has been accomplished and works fine. The problem is that 'PAGE_2.FWX' is no longer needed. It is easy to put a text or button link on it to close the window but I would like this to occur automatically.

I've tried various variations of closing the screen, even with the timer but nothing has worked so far. Here's the working code in 'PAGE_2.FWX' :

<% =procs(1) %>

I looked at the popup timer functions without success (this window is not a popup anyway). Can code maybe be put in 'PAGE_3.FWX'  that when loaded, would close 'PAGE_2.FWX' ?

Any ideas?