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I run a system that uses identical tables from a German company and a US company. I use the same programs but change the names of one set of tables, using g_xxx.dbf for the German tables and u_xxx.dbf for the US tables. Once the tables have different names, things are very simple.
Not sure if that will help, but you never know!
Sent by Darryl on 09/26/2002 09:36:19 PM:
We have two separate foxpro 2.6 databases that have exactly the same tables. One has Australian data and the other has New Zealand data. We run the same foxpro code on both systems.
I have successfully implemented a foxweb web solution for the AU company and I would like to now use the same system for NZ.
Currently I open many tables in my FW_enter routines and keep the files opened 24/7. If I close the tables things will slow down.
Is there a way that I can run the NZ site on the same IIS server as the AU site?
Darryl Robertson