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The URL you are using is not an absolute, but rather a fully qualified URL, based on the definitions in the FoxWeb documention.  The correct absolute URL is "/images/mylogo.jpg".  The fully qualified URL will only work if you are calling your script from a browser, running on the Web server itself.
In order to make sure that the above URL is correct, try typing the following URL in your browser: http://ServerName/images/mylogo.jpg.  If the image appears properly, then the above absolute URL will work fine.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Gene Gerard on 10/10/2002 12:19:28 PM:

Hello All,

I have a problem displaying images in my fwx pages on my local host.

I've used code like the following:


where mylogo.jpg exists in the 'images' directory off my local host.


I've been told that images and other static files served by FoxWeb must be located in the Web tree -- not the FoxWeb Program Tree and the URL that refers to them must be absolute (it must start with a slash). 
I've looked through the 'Static Files' section of the "Locating and Addressing Scripts" chapter in the FoxWeb documentation but still can't figure it out.
Is there any sample code out there that I can look at?