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Yes it does.  In fact, your script should work with no changes, although you will also be able to use all the new JMail features.

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Sent by First Last on 10/03/2002 07:15:43 AM:
Hey All
I got JMail to work, but it's the old version.  Does JMail 4.3 work with FoxWeb?
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 01/11/2002 08:16:47 PM:
FoxWeb does not include its own SMTP or POP3 controls, but there are several controls available today, some of which are absolutely free. The page contains a list of some of these controls. The file contains sample FoxWeb code, illustrating how you can send mail with the JMail control. The code can be easily modified to work with other controls.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Geoff Scott on 01/11/2002 12:17:55 AM:
Does the foxweb software provide a pop3 (& smtp) facility??