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Actualily, my problem is exactly opposite.  Intermedia (which is an absolutely top notch company) doesn't run 2.11, so I can't use any of the features available in that version.  Apparently there was some sort of conflict between 2.11 and their shared hosting environment.
So, I've switched to 2.11 on systems that I can control, but am stuck dumbing down code to always work with the version that Intermedia runs.  Intermedia is such a good hosting company, I haven't seen any options to switch somewhere else that look appealing, but it certainly does make things frustrating.
Are there problems with 2.11 in complex hosting environments?  Admittedly, all of my other systems running 2.11 only handle one or two virtual domains apiece....
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 05/22/2002 12:08:09 PM:

Actually Intermedia runs FoxWeb version 1, so you should have no problem there. In any case, FoxWeb 2 is compatible with FoxWeb 1 scripts and in most cases you will not need to make changes. Even if you do have to make changes, it will not be a major undertaking. The problems we have seen in the past are mostly related to 1.X scripts using variable names that are actually reserved object names in FoxWeb 2, such as "Server", "Response" and "Request."

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Eduardo Varto on 05/22/2002 10:57:37 AM:
I have an aplication running in foxweb 1
if i change to a server like :
  • PC Assistance
  • Intermedia.NET (California)
  • they are running foxweb 2, my aplication

    need to change or still running fine ????


    Please help me, i need to know the

    answer so soon.

    Thanks in Advance

    Eduardo Varto