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What does the path field contain?  You should make sure that you store your image files in the Web tree and use an absolute URL as described in the Locating and Addressing Scripts chapter of the FoxWeb documentation.
One way to troubleshoot this problem is to View Source on the dynamic (FoxWeb-generated) page that contains the links to the images and see if the SRC clause contains a valid URL.

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Sent by Kristi Westfall on 09/18/2002 09:33:27 AM:
I am having a problem display pictures using Foxweb.  My code is as follows:
<TD><IMG src="<% Response.Write(ALLTRIM(pageinfo.path)+pageinfo.picture) %>" border="0" alt=""></TD>
where "pageinfo" is a database that contains the path and filename of the picture file.
If I access my website using a machine running Windows 98, the code works fine and the pictures are displayed.
If I access the site using a machine running Windows XP, the pictures are not displayed.
I am not too familiar with XP, so it may be that I have to change some settings on my browser - haven't seen anything obvious yet though.
Has anyone else had any similar problems with Internet Explorer under XP?