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I am using FW2.11 and this is my fw_enter.prg
Local llRet
 Set Procedure To FWFUNCTS
 Do DefDlls
 If Type('pcAppPath') <> 'C'
  Public pcAppPath, pcAuxPath1, pcAuxPath2, pcSysAccKey, pcSubKey
  Do FWLoadPaths
 Do FWLoadKey
 llRet = !File("ECHold.txt")
 If !llRet
     Response.Write('<H3>Claims system is suspended for maintenance</H3>')
 Set Procedure To
Return llRet
If I change some function in FWFuncts.prg, recompile, and try to transfer the new fxp to the server, it gives me a sharing violation.
If I end the channel, or stop and restart FW, I can transfer fine.
How can I find out what is causing this fxp to stay open, while all other fxps are released properly?