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Each channel is a separate instance of VFP and they all can run scripts and access data simultaneously, so you should write your code using correct multi-user techniques, such as table and record-level locking, as described in the "Multi User Issues" section of the VFP documentation.

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Sent by mike hood on 08/28/2002 03:35:32 PM:
i have been getting error 109 more and more often.  error 109 'record is in use by another user'.  the error occurs in diffrent parts of diffrent scripts at diffrent times.  but primarly occurs in the updating of the timedate stamp on a record at the top of the scripts.
1- is this from the user clicking the form button twice?
i was thinking it could be possible the record in in use on one channel then tries to use it again on another channel.
2- is this from the server not getting a responce from the database?
i was thinking it could be the foxweb app is tring to update the record then times out and returns error 109 as the reason.
3- should i start using more rlock and unlock in my app?