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Could this be a timeout problem?  Please check the contents of fwstart.log in your FoxWeb directory, as well as the FoxWeb Error Log for suspicious messages.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by cs on 08/28/2002 08:35:13 AM:
Sent by cs on 08/28/2002 08:11:40 AM:
FoxWeb 2.11 WinXP Pro Apache 2.04

Development server on my machine. 

Accessing a particular page from my machine causes no problem.  Trying to access the same page from another computer causes problem.  The page loads to a certain point and then stops. No error message.

The script run a Query which returns exactly 500 companies.  Then I dynamically generate a Select box containt the company names.  If I select exactly 174 companies, no problem.  If I select more than 174 companies...the script stops.
Correction... I can duplicate this behavior on my local machine also.