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In order to find out what the problem is with issues 1 and 2 we would need access to the file fwstart.log, which is located in the FoxWeb directory.  Please paste the contents of the file in your reply, or send it to us via email.  Don't forget to give us a couple of examples of when the problems occurred, so that we can isolate the pertinent log entries.
The 3rd issue is probably caused by your browser, or Web proxy caching the contents of the page.  There are two ways to get around this:
  1. Set the Response.Expires or Response.ExpiresAbsolute property at the beginning of your script.  You should also include a <meta name="pragma" content="no-cache"> tag within the <head> section.
  2. Include a unique token in each URL.  An easy way to do this is to use VFP's SYS(3) function:
<a href="MyProgram.fwx?<%=SYS(3)%>">Search</a>

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by cs on 08/26/2002 07:54:23 AM:

I'm having a few quirky problems witn FoxWeb 2 and Win XP Pro.

1.  Sometimes when I start FoxWeb I get 2 channel windows on the task bar even though "Hide window" is checked and I have it set to open 1 channel.

2.  When I close the channel window on tastbar (to restart channel) the new channel window will appear and dissapear multiple times.

3.  I seem to be having a caching problem. The changes I make doesn't allways shows up even after explictly compiling the scripts.  I have "<META HTTP-EQUIV="expires" CONTENT="0">" at the top of the page.  The changes sometimes doesn't even show up after stopping and restarting foxweb.

I have FoxWeb 2, Win XP Pro and Apache 2.04