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Dear Joe,
I was recently bugged by being asked unexpectedly to re-enter ID and password when I thought I should not be. Turned out the .dbf I was using was written Auth.AuthTable = "Users.dbf" in one set of code and Auth.AuthTable = "users.dbf" in another. I changed both to Users with a capital letter 'U' and this solved the mystery. May be nothing to do with your problem but just in case ...
All the best,
John Waite

Sent by Joe Goldsmith on 08/04/2002 08:52:34 PM:
At the top of each page in private areas I have the following code:
* Force the user to log in
AuthMessage = ""
Auth.AuthTable = "data/buyers.dbf"
Auth.MaxLoginAttempts = 3
Auth.Header = [<center><FONT COLOR="#000000"><h3>This is a Private Area.<br>Please enter your User ID and Password.</h3>Cookies must be enabled to<BR>enter this private area.</FONT></center><br>]
Auth.Footer = [<br><center><table border=0><tr><td>Your <a href="privacy.fwx">privacy</a> is protected under pledge.</td></tr></table></center>]
Auth.SaveCookie = 1
After I log in using the FoxWeb authenicate routine and sit on a page for a few minutes, and then access another page (with the above code at the top of the page) I again get the log in page. If I go right away to another page I do not get the log in page again. Is there some authenicate login timeout switch somewhere I need to change?