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The Winsock 10054 error signifies that one of the two sides of a socket connection dropped the connection unexpectedly, or that it crashed.  The various FoxWeb components use sockets to communicate with each other, so it is hard to determine which component dropped the connection.
Here's an overview of FoxWeb's main components:
FoxWeb Broker:  This component acts as a broker for FoxWeb channels.  Each channel registers with it when it becomes available and individual instances of foxweb.exe and foxweb.dll, serving a particular user request, contact the broker to request a free channel.
FoxWeb Controller:  The main purpose of this component is to start FoxWeb channels, as well as kill and restart them if they become unresponsive.
FoxWeb Control:  This component is actually part of each channel and handles communications with the broker and foxweb.exe/dll.  Each channel loads a separate instance of the FoxWeb Control.
ISAPI/CGI module:  This is referred above as foxweb.exe/dll.  A separate process (or thread in the case of the DLL) is instantiated with each incoming FoxWeb request.  The module first connects to the broker to get assigned a channel and then contacts the channel and passes the request information to it.  The channel in turn executes the requested script and returns the script output to the ISAPI/CGI module, which in turn passes it through to the Web server and from there to the browser.
The errors you describe are probably caused by one of the above components exiting unexpectedly, although identifying the component and the reason may not be that easy.  We are looking into the problem and will get back to you as soon as we have something.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by David Conorozzo on 08/19/2002 07:31:19 AM:
In the fwstart.log file, these appear and sometimes the server stops responding.  The error to the client comes back as: Foxweb Broker Timed Out
Socket error 10054 is "Connection reset by peer".  Sometimes we get a 10053 "Software caused connection abort".  I would think that these are due to clients closing the browser in the middle of a reply and by a script timing out (?) or something like that.  But in the case of timing out, I wouldn't expect a socket error, I would expect the server process to kill the connection and not report it as an error.  There are also some entries for "FoxWeb Broker Socket Error #10054".
I guess the questions are:
1.  What does the Broker do?
2.  What does the Ctrl do?
3.  What is causing this?
4.  What can I do to fix it?