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Other status codes work fine, so my guess is that IIS re-interprets status codes returned by ISAPI and CGI scripts, such as FoxWeb.  We will do some additional tests with other Web servers to confirm this and post the answer to this forum.

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Sent by JoŽl Croquet on 08/15/2002 07:30:16 AM:
I made a custom error message in IIS 5 for the error code 403.4 (ssl required).
It works fine if I set the property "require secure channel" on a subdir of the site.
I try to send the 403.4 to the user within foxweb with the following code :
if lower(Request.ServerVariables("HTTPS")) # "on"
 Response.Status = "403.4 Forbidden: SSL required"
 && also tried : Response.Status = "403.4"
 Response.Write("403.4 Forbidden: SSL required")
The user receives a standard message "403 - Forbidden" and not the one set for 403.4.
Does I am wrong with the use of the response.status command ?
I've found a workaround with the response.redirect command calling the error page but it's not exactly what I want.