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I am totally new to Fox Pro and I am trying to migrate from dos based Clipper.  I have purchased every book I can find on FoxPro but I can't find an answer to what I think is a simple problem.
I want to be able to add separate data buttons to my form but I can't find any builtin to Foxpro other than the ones that are all together like the VCR or simple edit button groups and the like.
I have been reading on how to create my own classes from a built in class but I am just not getting it. Can someone explain to me how to extract the individual function buttons so I can add them to my forms. I am referring to buttons that I want to create like "EDIT" displayed form  "ADD" form fields to dbf file , etc. I am trying to start out as basic as I can.
Also any reference to where I can get other learning materials would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance