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In the fwstart.log file, these appear and sometimes the server stops responding.  The error to the client comes back as: Foxweb Broker Timed Out
Socket error 10054 is "Connection reset by peer".  Sometimes we get a 10053 "Software caused connection abort".  I would think that these are due to clients closing the browser in the middle of a reply and by a script timing out (?) or something like that.  But in the case of timing out, I wouldn't expect a socket error, I would expect the server process to kill the connection and not report it as an error.  There are also some entries for "FoxWeb Broker Socket Error #10054".
I guess the questions are:
1.  What does the Broker do?
2.  What does the Ctrl do?
3.  What is causing this?
4.  What can I do to fix it?