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I made a custom error message in IIS 5 for the error code 403.4 (ssl required).
It works fine if I set the property "require secure channel" on a subdir of the site.
I try to send the 403.4 to the user within foxweb with the following code :
if lower(Request.ServerVariables("HTTPS")) # "on"
 Response.Status = "403.4 Forbidden: SSL required"
 && also tried : Response.Status = "403.4"
 Response.Write("403.4 Forbidden: SSL required")
The user receives a standard message "403 - Forbidden" and not the one set for 403.4.
Does I am wrong with the use of the response.status command ?
I've found a workaround with the response.redirect command calling the error page but it's not exactly what I want.