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No, the page shows up fine for 1/2 second and then goes right to the generic IE message saying "page cannot be displayed." I'm sure it's on our end somewhere. Stange thing is, there are no errors in FoxWeb or Apache when it happens. We are NATing all the IP's on our Cisco T1 router so that may have something to do with it. I'll mess with the DNS record and see if that does anything. We definitely need the new version of Bind so that we can deal with inside and outside DNS.
Another thing may be the fact that I am not entering the <!DOCTYPE...> tag, but I assumed FoxWeb adds that automatically.
Or could it be where I am placing my <script> tags. I am putting them before the head tag:
<script language="JavaScript">
Or does that matter?
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 08/14/2002 11:46:59 AM:
Is there any additional information to the "page cannot be displayed" message, such as a title, or an error number?