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O/S: Win2000 Server with SP3
Web Server: Apache 2.0.39 for Windows
Script Mapping: (not being used, using long urls)
FoxWeb Version: 2.11
Is the demo version handicapped for machines that are not local? I can run it fine locally but when I run it from another machine on the internet the top frame page shows up for about 1/2 of a second and then it returns "page cannot be displayed". If I hit the back button the entire page shows up fine.
It also happens when I run ......fwerror/default.fwx. The top frame does the same thing.
The URL we are using is <oursite>/cgi-bin/webcgi.exe/fwerror/default.fwx
(we renamed foxweb.exe to webcgi.exe since we are using long urls, just for a bit of extra security)
We have been running FoxWeb 1.* for many years now on our old  166Mhz Netscape Enterprise 2.0 web server. It's still working great.
We put off using FoxWeb 2.* on our new server because we did not want to keep paying for Netscape server upgrades. Since we run Apache on our Linux box, we decided to try Apache for Windows (which we thought would be a configuration mess). But we installed it with no modifications and FoxWeb 2.* works great with it. We have been leaning towards PHP/MySQL but now that we can use FoxWeb with Apache it will give us much more incentive to keep using it.
2.* is incredible, I am able to produce code and test code sooooo much faster.
Soon as our client gives us the go ahead we will be doing the $99 upgrade. Does this license include 1 or 2 virtual servers. I noticed the demo shows 2.