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The Winsock 10054 error (connection reset by pier) means that the other side of a socket connection terminated the connection unexpectedly.  This problem may be caused by a bad network, but since for FoxWeb both components are running on the same computer, this is unlikely.  It is more likely that foxweb.exe, or the FoxWeb Channel Broker exit due to a timeout or other reason without notifying the channel.  We are trying to reproduce the problem and will get back to you if we find out anything interesting.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by D.B. Stepp on 07/30/2002 06:57:31 PM:

I have had a few small oddities happen recently.

I noticed that when I run show_channels.fwx on my FoxWeb server I always get

FoxWeb Message
The FoxWeb Service has returned the following message:
No Channels Active

Now, I know the channels are active and working as we get thousands and thousands of hits on that machine.  Am I missing something obvious?

Also, I've found that when checking the channels on my machine from the desktop in the FoxWeb Channel Status window that a few times a week a channel (or sometimes two) will stay busy for hours.  The scripts that this server runs are all set to timeout at a max of 30 minutes (and that is also set in the FoxWeb Control Center).  Since I do not hide the FoxPro windows I can simply single click the one that is busy and then close it no problem.  Aren't these channels supposed to evently be killed an restarted?  Or am setting/doing something wrong?

Lasty, I'm curious, I was browsing my fwstart.log today and noticed I have over 300 of these:

FoxWebCtrl Socket Error: 10054

and over 30 of these:

FoxWebCtrl Socket Error: 10053

I may not have looked closely enough, but I could not find any documentation on these errors.  Are they anything to be concerned about?  And should 10054 be happening that much? 

Thanks in advance,