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If I understand you correctly, you are trying to display a control -- not an object -- on the browser, right?  Although Internet Explorer can display ActiveX controls, it is not recommended that you use this technique -- especially not for objects created by VFP, because they require that the correct VFP run-time DLL is installed on the client computer.
You can still use your non-visual classes in your FoxWeb scripts that run on the server.

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Sent by Danilo Agostini on 08/02/2002 08:12:53 AM:
This is my first question about Object. Can I load and Show an object of my ClassLibrary or I can only use only preperty and method.
I hope that you undestand my imperfect english.
Thank you for the timededicate to me.
Bye... good work.
                                      Danilo Agostini