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Actually it seems like don't want to use the upload functionality, but rather you want to have FoxWeb retrieve the file from its original location, using an HTTP GET request.  Your original page will have to display the image and make it a link, which points to your FoxWeb script, passing the URL of the image in the query string:
<a href="GetImg.fwx?">
<img src=""></a>
The script GetImg.fwx will then be able to use an HTTP control, such as ASPHTTP, to send a request to the URL in the query string.

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Sent by D.B. Stepp on 07/30/2002 06:43:42 PM:

I've been asked to create something that has me a little stumped.  It's similiar to a file upload, except that the user doesn't upload anything, it's taken from another server.  I'll explain.

We have multiple servers all of which contain different artwork, pics, etc.  On the server that uses FoxWeb, we have a FoxWeb script that will produce a web page with a handful of pictures, all of which are from one of our other sites.  So, inside the HTML are 4 or 5 URLs that point to servers other than the one the FoxWeb script is running on.

Some of the users want to be able to go to this FoxWeb created webpage with the pictures, see a picture they want and click on it (or hit a submit button) and then that picture will be sent to the server FoxWeb server.  Here's an example:

A user goes to  In the the resulting HTML are two images.  The first image's URL is and the second image's URL is  The user would then click on the first picture and have it "sent" to the FoxWeb server and save it there.

Now, I began playing around with Request.FormFieldObject and file uploading since that's exactly what I want to do (send the JPG/GIF to a FoxWeb script) except I want to do it without the user interaction of the user saving the picture to their hard driver and then uploading to the FoxWeb script.  I'm looking to skip that part and have the the JPG go from website2 or website3 to website1 without any other user intervention.

Anyone have any ideas on this?