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I have had a few small oddities happen recently.

I noticed that when I run show_channels.fwx on my FoxWeb server I always get

FoxWeb Message
The FoxWeb Service has returned the following message:
No Channels Active

Now, I know the channels are active and working as we get thousands and thousands of hits on that machine.  Am I missing something obvious?

Also, I've found that when checking the channels on my machine from the desktop in the FoxWeb Channel Status window that a few times a week a channel (or sometimes two) will stay busy for hours.  The scripts that this server runs are all set to timeout at a max of 30 minutes (and that is also set in the FoxWeb Control Center).  Since I do not hide the FoxPro windows I can simply single click the one that is busy and then close it no problem.  Aren't these channels supposed to evently be killed an restarted?  Or am setting/doing something wrong?

Lasty, I'm curious, I was browsing my fwstart.log today and noticed I have over 300 of these:

FoxWebCtrl Socket Error: 10054

and over 30 of these:

FoxWebCtrl Socket Error: 10053

I may not have looked closely enough, but I could not find any documentation on these errors.  Are they anything to be concerned about?  And should 10054 be happening that much? 

Thanks in advance,