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It is almost impossible to prevent a knowledgeable user from viewing the URL of a page, but you can at least prevent casual users from easily finding out this information.  An easy first step is to include your application in a frame.  Browsers always keep the address of the original frameset page in the location bar and don't display the address of individual frames.  If you don't like a framed interface, you can simply create a frameset with a single frame covering the whole window.
Of course users can always right click in a frame to view the frame properties, including the URL.  Also, passing the mouse cursor over a link, usually displays the target URL in the status bar.

Here are some techniques you can use to make it even harder for users to find the URL of your application:

  • Run your application in a separate window, which does not have a menu or status bar.  You will need to use JavaScript and the open method.
  • Use JavaScript code to trap the right mouse click and prevent the context sensitive popup menu from appearing.
  • Use JavaScript code to display something other then the URL in the status bar.

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Sent by Joe Goldsmith on 07/06/2002 08:41:03 PM:
Is there a way to hide the URL in the address bar so users do not know what page they are on?