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Actually what you are looking for is Server.Execute or Server.Transfer.  The former will execute the script in question and then continue execution of the calling script, while the latter will simply transfer control to the called script and then exit.

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Sent by Morag Stark on 07/05/2002 08:42:33 AM:
Ok, i think i've just figured it's just:
DO "ScriptName.fwx"
isn't it?
Sent by Morag Stark on 07/05/2002 08:24:52 AM:
This is probably a REALLY silly question(!)...but how do I call one Foxweb script from within another one?
The first script basically contains some FoxPro code that decides which HTML output to use; but then some sections of the HTML output will be used in more than one place so I want to be able to store them as separate .fwx files to call from wherever I need them (I can't just store them as striaghtforward HTML as they do use some FoxPro constants).
I've tried using a Response.Redirect but it gave a "page not found" error.