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Sorry, foxweb.exe IS in the correct folder.  I set the web server up to allow directory browsing.  When I go to  i get a listing of all files in my servers cgi-bin folder.  Sure enough, foxweb.exe IS there.  if I click on it, I then get a 404 error. Doesn't sound correct.  Again, this works on another server configured exactly the same way. Using fwx and the dll works fine though.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 06/28/2002 05:07:28 PM:
This is certainly a Web server configuration issue.  The 404 error is returned by Web servers, when they can't find the requested resource.  If your URL explicitly points to foxweb.exe and you are getting this error, then the file is not in the location where your Web server expects it to be.
Consider the following URL:
The Web server will look for foxweb.exe in the cgi-bin location.  This location will either be a subdirectory of your Web root, or a different location, pointed to by the 'cgi-bin' virtual directory.  In either case, you should be able to view your Web server's configuration to determine where this location is.  Once you find it, you should verify that foxweb.exe is there.
For details on how to configure certain popular Web servers please refer to the Configuring your Web Server ( topic of the FoxWeb documentation.

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Sent by Peter Williams on 06/28/2002 08:30:39 AM:
Will not run.
FWX run fine, PRG's run fine on one server we have installed. Now we need to move some PRG's over to another server that previously ONLY ran fwx's.  I have the CGI-BIN virtual directory set up the same on both servers.  It works on one, but on the other I get a 404 error!
I have even set it up to allow diectory browsing.  When I browse the cgi-bin folder, I can see foxweb.exe.  If I click on it on the working server, I get a program not found foxweb error.  If I click it on the new server, I get a 404 error.
What am I doing wrong????