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In addition to the solution you suggested, there are two other ways to achieve the same result:
  1. Configure your Web server to automatically redirect requests for .../lightningACC/ to ...index.fwx.
  2. Configure your Web server, so that index.fwx is also a default document and enable FoxWeb's Use Web Server's Directory Mappings option.  Before choosing this option, make sure to read the implications of this setting with regard to security.
For information on how to configure your Web server for the above solutions, please refer to its documentation.

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Sent by John Potter on 06/21/2002 06:44:04 AM:
I'd like to open when a user uses the url  just like it would automatically open an index.html.
Other than creating an index.html which redirects to index.fwx, is there some way I can do this?