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FoxWeb does not communicate directly with clients, but rather receives and sends data via a Web server.  Typically clients are We browsers, but you can create your own program, which can talk to a Web server (and FoxWeb), via HTTP.  There are dozens of HTTP components, which will allow you to send and receive data via HTTP, including wwIpStuff.  In fact, you can use the Internet Transfer Control, which comes with Visual Basic, to do the exact same thing.
There are two issues that you must solve in order to have effective communication between your client software and FoxWeb:
First, you must figure out how to exchange information via HTTP.  This can be done be using the samples provided with whichever HTTP control you decide to use.
Once you get the transfer protocol issues resolved, you must figure out how to encapsulate data in HTTP.  The basic concepts here are exactly the same as if you were using a Web browser as your client software.  You can either encapsulate information in the QueryString, or you can use the POST data, which is where HTML form fields are stored.  You should also decide whether you want to exchange information with XML, or regular name/value pairs ala HTML form fields.  If you are sending a whole recordset, then XML makes a lot more sense.  VFP 7 includes some new XML functionality, which makes it much easier to convert back end forth between tables/cursors and XML data.

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Sent by Juan Enrique Quintanilla on 06/18/2002 09:23:21 AM:
ok, thanks for your anserw, but i want to develope an application with vfox interfase and non-html and comunicate with the web server with winInet and all that stuff, where can i found any sample or any program like that...thanks and i will be waiting for your answer.....