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The error message does not sound familiar, but the other symptoms do.  Here's some information from our Troubleshooting page:

"Could not Create POST Data File" error
For performance reasons, if the size of the POST data buffer is larger than 100 KB, FoxWeb stores it to a temporary file instead of sending it directly to the assigned channel. The location of this file is determined by the TempDir registry entry in the FoxWeb key. To prevent this problem from happening you must make sure that the user that FoxWeb is running under has write privileges to the directory specified in TempDir and that there is enough free disk space for the total size of all files being uploaded at the same time.

I suggest that you create a directory called c:\temp and give everyone read/write access to it.  You should then change the value of TempDir to point to this location.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Cas Nuy on 06/15/2002 03:41:34 AM:
When uploading files, the upload.fwx fails as the size of the file to be uploaded is more than 100Kb. Ithen receive the message "page cannot be found".
I am running Foxweb 2.11 on XP as a service with VFP7. I have already increased the time-out for scripts but this has no effect.
Any suggestions ?