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FoxWeb does not store session variables in memory, but rather in memo fields in a special system table.  There are many reasons for this, including the fact that channels get re-started after an error occurs and they live in separate processes, so they don't share the same memory space.  Storing session variables to disk also ensures that they will remain active even if you restart FoxWeb, or re-boot the server (unlike ASP).
Unfortunately, we currently don't have a way to convert VFP objects to binary blobs of data that can be saved to a table and then retrieved to re-create the original object.  I don't think there's a way to do this with VFP.  If any of you have other ideas, please let us know.

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Sent by Justin on 06/11/2002 08:58:24 AM:
Is there a way to make the Session Object a container for User Defined objects. 
something like this.
omynewobject = createobject('thisobject')
omynewobject.TheSettings ='hello World'
session.setvar('myobject', omynewobject)

then in other web pages go get the object i created ealier without having to recreate the object.


omynewobject = session.getvar('myobject')


this would make my life allot easier when building my applications in the sense that the classes i create would control all the settings and keep track of every thing and speed things up sense i don't have to recreate the object all the time and reconnect to Remote Database servers.


I also understand this would be a memory burden on the foxweb server trying to keep track of the objects in memory.  but i would like it to be able to do this