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Is there a way to make the Session Object a container for User Defined objects. 
something like this.
omynewobject = createobject('thisobject')
omynewobject.TheSettings ='hello World'
session.setvar('myobject', omynewobject)

then in other web pages go get the object i created ealier without having to recreate the object.


omynewobject = session.getvar('myobject')


this would make my life allot easier when building my applications in the sense that the classes i create would control all the settings and keep track of every thing and speed things up sense i don't have to recreate the object all the time and reconnect to Remote Database servers.


I also understand this would be a memory burden on the foxweb server trying to keep track of the objects in memory.  but i would like it to be able to do this