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Auth.Logout will also delete the password cookie if it exists, so you don't need to call Auth.ForgetPassword in addition to Auth.Logout.  In order for Auth.Logout and Auth.ForgetPassword to function properly, you must set Auth.AuthList and Auth.AuthTable to the EXACT same values as what was used during the call to Auth.Authenticate.  For an example of this please take a look at the Authenticate.fwx sample application.

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Sent by Jim Weesies on 06/06/2002 12:40:06 PM:
I'm trying to add the logout feature using the auth object.  I have a script that first uses auth.authenticate() which works fine.  I setup a link in the output html that calls my logout script.  The first thing the logout script does is auth.logout(), and then server.transfer over to my original script.  My thinking was when the original script is run a second time, it will hit the auth.authenticate() and stop, but it goes right past and maintains the user info.
I've also tried auth.forgetpassword() right after auth.logout() but still no luck.  I played around with Auth.SaveCookie and did set it to 2 in my original script, but set it back to 1.  I was thinking that it was not deleting the cookie from when it was set to 2.  Any ideas?